Thursday, January 25, 2007

Essex Mountain vs The Twighlight Manor

my favorite house!!!!!

My new goal:

rebuild a life-size replica of it in all it's bloody glory

now all I need is about 10 billion dollars to fund the project

before you ask, for those who don't know... it was in New Jersey.... they torn it down in 2002, but I just found out about it this morning

Image Hosted by <<<------- points to 1937 picture

Okay, explaination:

Image Hosted by

I started writing the Twighlight Manor series in 1978... it follows the multi-generational lives of the Swanzen family who built The Twighlight Manor, originally a "palace" for a murerous renegade king, than inherited from him to his phsychotic nephew, Sir Roderic, who himself believed that house to be alive and says it eats people... the guy is insane so most people don't take him seriously when he tells them not to enter his house cause it'll eat you, but than no one can explain the dead bodies that show upin the hallways, or the countless people that vanished after entering the Manor...

The stories I write, however are not about the Manor, but Sir Roderic and his family, who live in the Manor over a period of 300 years, all of whom are a bit odd varying from eccentric to outright raving lunatics... nearby the Manor is White Rock Asylum for the criminally insane, (mentioned in my earlier post)owned by Sir Roderic's cousin Al-Keem... between the 2 is a third big old house, known as EelKat's House, it is where EelKat© (not me, but the charater from the series)lives. All 3 houses are rumored to be haunted...

Anyways... most of my life has been devoted in some form or another to The Twighlight Manor© series part of that obsession involved tracking down a real life house, with the same architure/look as the Twighlight Manor©... I drew out the floorplans and blueprints back in the 1980's and than I spent years searching through house pictures, before I found the one that you see on the book cover here...
Image Hosted by

here's the pic I drew years ago, back in the 1980's... when I was looking for a house pic I was looking for a house that looked like this...

than about 10 years later, when I found that pic of Essex Mountain
I couldn't get over how much it looked like the pic I had drawn of The Manor.... it looks so perfect, of course this one here was edited by me for use on the cover of the book...
Image Hosted by

My next problem, was that I had found the picture of the perfect house... but that was all I had, a picture, I had no idea where it was or how to find the house in the picture... my goal than became find out where the house was, and than find a way to buy it... (yeah, I dream big).... anyways, years and years have gone by and than last night, someone sees my sig on a message board and askes me if that was the Essex Mountain
... well of course I have no idea, so they point me to this

yep! that's it! that's the house in my sig!
I am soooo happy, until I read the article...
they tore it down in 2002

I found it and lost it the same day.

....odd, I had no idea that the pic I've been throwing around and calling The Twighlight Manor was an asylum... fitting though

Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

Sir Roderic's youngest son, the drag queen Etiole, with his son Phozeen:

Emperor Blue of Planet Crystonia:
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