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A copy of the comment I left on this video:

the long let's play --- #1 on my wish list for you to play - Witcher... all of them, but most especially Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. It's like the longest game ever made. I think you could play it for 4 or 5 years and not reach the end, but it's mega awesome. I'm 117 hours into it, and I'm not even a 1/4 way into the game yet. And you can mod the game... I found this awesome mod that turns Roach (his brown horse) into a purple unicorn that shoots lightening bolts. And another mod that put tin foil hats on all the chickens, and another mod that puts a "Monster of the day" challenge into the game so you have even MORE monsters to fight then came with the game. Sooooooo much fun.

If you pay attention to all the small youtubers I subscribe to, the one thing they have in common is they all play Witcher. I am so addicted to watching every youtuber who plays Witcher. But none of the big Youtubers play it. Pewdiepie did only 3 episides of it, and JackSepticEye did it back when he was a small channel, but he stopped and says he only plays it for fun now, doesn't record it any more.

Also, similar to Witcher 3 and almost as awesome is Dark Souls series, which would be another great long game to play.

Have you ever tried 60 Seconds? It's a tiny little short game, takes maybe 10 to 15 minutes to play beginning to end, but it's sooo danged addicting to play that every one who tries it ends up making dozens of episodes of them just replaying it over and over to see how many different ways they can die. If you do a search for "60 Seconds Game Challenges" you'll find a YouTuber with a channel devoted to the game his name is KubScouts I think, anyways he's created 200+ challenges for the game 60 Seconds, and it's super fun to go down the list and try to do every one of them. I've been trying to play the 60 Seconds challenges, but they are soooo wicked hard to do! They look so easy and watching people play them, I was always "Why can't they do it, how are they not making it?" Then I bought the game and tried it myself - OMG! It's like the hardest game to beat. It looks so easy to play, but the game it trying to kill you are every turn, and, it really is hard to stay alive a full 60 seconds (thus the name of the game.) It becomes super addicting because you just want to keep replaying it to beat it., but it makes for really fun long term series on YouTube, because fans love to watch you die every few seconds and see what you try to do to stay alive next time. I know Mark played it a year ago or so, and he did like 20 episodes before he gave up, because he absolutely could not keep his character alive. It was hysterical. I'd love to see you play 60 Seconds to see how long you can stay alive in the game.

If you are into survival games and doing game challenges... best game for that is Don't Starve. Super hard to play. You'll drop dead soon as you start. You'll make 100+ episodes of you dropping dead 100 different ways. You'll be eaten by spider, devoured by hell hounds, murdered by pig people.... you may even starve to death, but don't count on it, because giant birds will attack and pick your eyes out long before you get a chance to starve to death. If you are lucky, you may even stay alive long enough to make a full 15 minute episode. I've been playing this game almost daily for the past 3 years... I think the longest I ever stayed alive was "27 days" - which in game each day is 14 minutes long, so I managed to stay alive for 6 hours of game play! Who-hoo! Then I got eaten by a wear-bunny will digging in a mine for gold, but hey. I stayed alive for 6 hours in Don't starve! Of course it took me playing the game every day for 3 years to be able to do that. The game has got to be the most difficult game ever made - EVERYTHING in the game is trying to kill you - even the trees - I was cutting down a tree once and it came to life and ate me. Monkeys beat you to death by throwing poo at you. Statues come to life and jump on you. (and your character can actually be scared to death too, he doesn't even have to get killed by something, he could just think something is going to kill him and drop dead. It's hilarious!

have you considered doing more dating sims like Dream Daddy?.... the best two ever made are Hatoful Boyfriend and Dandelion... both take about 60 hours to complete....

If you do a completion run of Hatoful Boyfriend (pigeon dating) you unlock "Bad Love Boyfriend" who's an awesome psycho pigeon from outer space with an army of robots taking over Tokyo... it's got the best ending of any otome ever, if you unlock that path in it. The story is you are a cave girl in a world rules by pigeons and you are the first human to display enough intelligence to speak, so the birds have you attend school and you start dating the birds (students and teachers both)... each bird has 3 story paths (good, bad, and true endings) while the series looks all cute and pink and cuddly, it deals with very dark issues, has a character who commits suicide in game, has one boyfriend with a series opium addiction problem, has one really bad ending where your boyfriend turns out to be a serial killer and goes psycho bird and cuts your head off, has another ending where one boyfriend is an alien with a lazer beam powered by fangirls reading yaoi, another ending with penguins invading in army tanks.... and of course the true ending of the story is "Bad Boy Love Boyfriend, which is just the most amazing video game ending of all time with pigeons versus giant robot aliens from space.... every time you think you reached the end of the game you unlock a new path... they don't stop unlocking... it starts out you think there are 7 ending... then one by one each ending you get unlocks a new path option... I ended up unlocking 14 endings, saw the credits and them boom, it tells me I've unlocked 6 more secret endings... I've put like 90 hours into this game so far and the secret ending just keep coming... it so awesome.

NOBODY... absolute NOT ONE PERSON has EVER played this game to the end on YouTube. No one! I would love to see you play the whole thing. I think, it'd take like 2 years of daily 20 minute episodes to reach the end of it though, the game is super, super, super long if you do a completionist run to unlock all endings of all the dates, including the secret endings.

Hatoful Boyfriend is my favorite dating sim game, it is so much fun to play.

Dandilion is at cat/rabbit dating sim - girl finds 5 lost rabbits & cats and takes them in, they turn out to be shape-shifter demon bishie boys who she starts dating. The game starts out very slow and dull, but once you get past the opening stuff and the boys start following her to school it changes and becomes super awesome wizard vs demon battle to save the school from evil villain invasion - it's mega awesome.

both series are very very girly with lots of pink frue-frue stuff, so not many boys ever play it.

Another game that is a good long series, but not many people play is Slime Rancher. Basically FarmVille in space where you collect alien poop and sell it to make items for your farm. Not sure if you are into those kinds of games or not though.

If you are into farming games, even better then Slime Rancher is Stardew Valley, and that one takes a few years to get to the end, so makes a good long series.

And one more, is Reigns... you started playing it like a year ago... I think you made 4 or 5 episodes. That game is super long and it does eventually have an ending.... you eventually reach the apocalypse in like 2666 or something like that... I've not gotten that far into the game yet. But I loved watching you play that game and would love to see you go back into it and play it to the end.

Wow... what a long post. I love long running game series, you can tell, LOL!

But yes, I love the idea of 2 episodes a day with long running game series episodes a few times a week.
 Like doing 2 long series - one episode of each a week, then short games in between, and having a weekly update vlog on the weekends, that's be great!

 What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!
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