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Vandals strike again! This time they were caught on camera.

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Vandals strike again; same LDS/Mormon husband and wife team from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Saco Ward of Maine, who've been vandalizing me right along. This time they were caught on camera.

The vandals who did this to my car 2 weeks ago and this to my cats 2 days ago, returned again tonight. I'm guessing seeing how this week is general conference (an LDS/Mormon Church meeting held twice a year) that they assummed I would not be home tonight.

Tonight's round of weekly harasment was to pul up my plants in my garden. This woman is a psychotic bitch - why will no one do anything to stop her? And still after 34 years of these weekly attacks, I still am clueless as to why she does it. As usual, she was railing on about me - saying I was insane had a demon and deserved this done to me. She said I did not deserve to have a garden and that God agreed with her -- ??? WTH? How is a person who is this delusional allowed to roam free? Why is she not in a mental institute or a prison or a straight jacket or a hospital or some place some where where she will not be allowed to keep hurting people like this?

After she did this to my car 2 weeks ago, church leaders adviced I try to catch her on camera, so I've kept a camera with me and this time have photos.

Uploading the pictures to the internet now - will post them on my blog in a few minutes.

and as many of my readers already know - I also have pictures of what my garden looks like so you are about to see both the vbefore pictures and the after pictures - note those who've already seen my garden before, and know what it looks like, the "AFTER" pictures may shock you...and as you can plainly see, this is the the type of sick harassment I have to deal with on a daily basis - FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS NOW!

She has taken down trees, cropped up my rose bushes - desimated my great-great-great grandmother's 200 year old 16 foot tall rose climber, smashed the arbor - ripped up the garden umbrella - took down the fences, and pretty much left nothing at all - my huge 30 year old flower/rose garden has been completely leveled to the ground! Nothing but bare dirt!

SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK! This woman is completely totally, and utterly sick in the head!

MY garden BEFORE:

My Garden AFTER:

As you will see from the photos, she was not alone - her husband was working at her side tearing down tearing down my garden along with her. Well, those of you (AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) whom said you would not believe this woman was the one behind the harassment and ludicrous act of violence and vandalism until you saw her doing it with your own eye --- there she is - doing the very thing which you church members said "a good Christian/Mormon" like her would never do---


Why are such evil people allowed to roam free?

She is doing this, because she claims that I have a demon. She smashed my car 2 weeks ago, because she said IT has a demon. She's acting out violence, claiming God tells her to do these things, claiming she has to do them because I have a demon - AND THAT DOESN'T TELL YOU THE WOMAN IS INSANE?!?! She says it is alright to do these things to me, my pets, and my belongings, because she says God tells her it is alright. She says that God wants her to drive out my demons.


This woman is freaking insane! Why will no one do anything to stop her violent madness?

Her constant talk about her belief that I have a demon is baffling. Equally baffling is the fact that so many church leaders believe her?

I have Autism and it make me act different and not talk. She uses my Autism as "proof" that I have a demon. And church leaders nod their heads and agree with her, saying "yes, she doesn't act normal, she has an evil spirit living in her."



Even me, having Autism, even I know that kind of talk is nuts! I may be Autistic, but I'm not stupid enough to believe in demon possession and evil spirits.

While I am not the only person she accuses of being demon possessed, (she accuses Blacks, Asians, Downs Syndrome, Dwarfs, Midgets, Autistics, people in wheelchairs, and just about every one who does not look exactly like she does, demon possessed) I seem to be the only person she consistently vandalizes in this bizarre, crackpot manner.

This is the same woman who goes to my church and tells my Bishop I am a witch, the same woman who has tried for several years to have me excommunicated from the church, her reason being that a am “a demon possessed witch who puts curses on her”. That accusation alone should have told the Bishop and other church leaders that she is a raving lunatic!

And she - who won't make a move without first consulting her horoscope and tarot cards - SHE has the audacity to call ME a witch? SHE, the woman who makes poster board poster saying "____ ___ is dead" written in red ink, than sits in front of it days on end chanting the person's name and saying they are dead over and over again day in and day out --- SHE says I'M putting curses on people? She's the one who goes around calling herself "The Latter Mystic" or "A Mormon Witch" and than than when one of her Bishops (about 20 years ago) told her to stop doing these things, she started saying that I was the one doing them? I don't even believe in that sort of foolishness! She's the one with all that stuff, not me. And people who know me personally, know I don't have all those tarot card things, like she does.

You know what I think? I think she goes around saying I'm putting curses on her, because that's what SHE WOULD DO, therefor she THINKS I would do that sort of thing too. I'm a damn walking Bible/Book of Mormon encyclopedia for crying out loud! You talk to me face to face and you'll be lucky if I don't start spouting of Bible quotes at you. There's a reason I have fans who print up and sell T-Shirts saying "W.W.EK.D? - What Would EelKat Do?" and it's because practically every sentence I speak ends with the phrase: "What would Jesus do?"

I'm an online minister for crying out loud! Every Sunday I write sermons. I have preachers emailing me asking if they can print up my sermons to use in their churches! I spent 12 years going to Bible School, and another 2 years at another one, and that doesn't include the 27 years I went to the LDS/Mormon church and studied with them as well! People call me a "Jesus Freak", and yet, this woman, goes to my church, to 16 of my Bishops (over a period of 30+ years) and tells them I'm a witch, and accuses me of being demon possessed, and they believe her. And will do nothing to stop her violence - violence which she says God sanctions - Now I don't know what God she talks to, but it sure ain't the God I believe in, that's for sure! Even when church leaders have proof, including photos of her IN THE ACT OF COMMITTING THE CRIMES - even than, they do nothing, and say they do not believe that these things are being done.

What is it going to take for any one to stand up and put a stop to this? How long will you wait? How far does she have to go, before you will stop her. There have already been threats on my life. She says repeatedly that she wants me dead and will kill me. You've already seen, time and time again, that when she says she wants my pets dead, they are a few days later found slaughtered. I truly, honestly believe that this woman is dangerous enough to carry out her threats to kill me.

She threatened to destroy my car - and than she did.

She threatened to destroy my garden - and she did.

She threatened to burn my house done - and 4 years ago - some one DID burn my house down.

She continually threatens to kill my pets - and several times she has, and several more times pets have been killed days after her threats.

You people do nothing! WHY? Please - before she carries out her threat to kill me - PLEASE - STOP HER!

This is the same woman who started a bonfire on my lawn 3 years ago – to burn her husbands clothes.

I fail to understand why the church allows her to continue doing these things.

She is very, very, VERY dangerous and this farther act of violence is just one more thing in her ever growing list of utter insanity.

PLEASE do something to stop her before she kills someone.

I have already been to the police about her dozens of times over the past 20 years. They WON'T LISTEN TO ME! She was arrested once when a neighbor caught her beating her first husband with a brick. He refused to file charges than and the police was forced to release her. The police will do nothing until a second party comes forward. THE POLICE CAN DO NOTHING UNLESS MORE THAN ONE VICTIM COMES FORWARD. I have Autism, my ability to speak verbally is limited at best – they pass me off as retarded they require some one who they do not think of as retarded to make an additional complaint, SOME ONE WHO IS NOT ME - but in 20 years, no one else has dared come forward about her Please, before she goes to far, before she kills some one – please do something to stop her!

I have agoraphobia - and only leave the house to go to church meetings and NaNoWriMo/Script Frenzy Write In meetings- she knew tonight was general confrence - she did not think I would be home I can no longer leave the house because every time I do she does these things - PLEASE -
stop sitting back on your lazy asses and doing nohing while this violent psychopath does these things. Please – I know several of you who are reading this are fully aware of the things this woman has done and is doing and you know how dangerous she is. - you have seen many of her violent acts first hand.

In 34 years the only time I ever left the house was to go to church and I CAN'T EVEN DO THAT ANY MORE!

I have gone to 12 Bishops asking for help – not one of them would help me, because she still goes to church every week and I don't any more – she’s the reason I can’t go any more. Every time I go she’s right there in my face calling me demon possessed - than she heads to my house while I'm in class and smashes and/or burns my belongings - some of her worse acts of violence have occurred on Sunday while I was in church. I can not go to church because I have come home to dead pets, smashed windows, and my house burnt down. I have agoraphobia - and only ever left the house to go to church meetings - that is why most of the attacks are on Sunday or during meetings - like tonight - she knew tonight was general confrence - she knows I'm the strictest Mormon around she knows that for 27 years I never missed a single meeting - not one - day or night - weekend or weekday - she did not think I would be home tonight.

But it's because of her that I can't go to church any more. I can no longer leave the house because every time I do she does these sick violent things. PLEASE - you people who know who I'm talking about - PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

This new incident with my garden, is only one of many such attacks – they are getting progressively more violent as each year passes. She is getting bolder and bolder because she KNOWS that NO ONE will stand up to her, and she KNOWS the BISHOPS will always take her side and back her up, just like they always have. I have gone to 12 Bishops asking for help – not one of them would help me, A Bishop is a public servant - it is THEIR JOB to take action when they know a crime has been committed. When will we see a Bishop who is a Bishop in deed not just a Bishop in name? When will we see a Bishop who will get off his fat ass and do something to PROTECT HIS PEOPLE! IF YOU CAN'T TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHURCH AND PROTECT IT'S MEMBERS THAN GET THE HELL OUT OF IT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL YOURSELF A MORMON LET ALONE PRETEND TO BE A BISHOP! Let some one with the balls to be be a REAL Bishop and do the job take over and actually DO THE JOB RIGHT!

I am very, very disturbed right now. It bothers me that there is some one out there who hates me so much they could do something like this...and keep doing things like this - over and over and over again for years on end...and GET AWAY WITH IT! I'm even more disturbed that Bishops, so called men of God can watch the things she has done and sit on their asses doing NOTHING!

I have agoraphobia and PTSD as a result of this woman and her utter insanity. Please - I want to be able to leave my house with out having to come home to find more of my pets dead. I want to be able to leave my house with out having to come home to find my belongs and property burned, axed, smashed, or shredded. I just want to be able to leave my house again. PLEASE - SOMEBODY HELP ME! PLEASE - SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING TO STOP HER!

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NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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