Friday, April 02, 2010

Psycho Bitch Separates Mother Cat from her 3 hour old kittens!

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The psycho bitch vandal, you know the woman who did this: to my car last week, strikes again.

I am so tired of this stupid psychotic bitch. This is NOT the first time she has done this. About 15 years ago, she did the same thing to my cat Sliv. Sliv had kittens, and hours later she took Sliv threw her out side. Slive was easier to catch, but when I came back in the house with Sliv to reunite her with her minutes old kittens, I found the psycho bitch flushing them down the toilet. It was one of the first times I had gone to an LDS bishop asking for help to stop this nut job woman. She murdered Sliv's kittens. I've hated that woman ever since the day she flushed my cat's kittens down the toilet.

That for people who do not already know about this event, is what caused my super crazed phobia of open toilets.

Now, she does it again - breaks into my barn, takes the mother cat (Cleo) and throws her out into the woods, just hours after her kittens were born, knowing full well that with out their mother the kittens would die. Is there no end to the woman's insanity? Why will no one do anything to stop her from harassing me and hurting my pets like this? What the hell is wrong with her that she thinks she cane get away with these sick, sick shinanagins?

I fail to see the logic behind these increasingly idiotic and senceless acts of vandalism. This is the same relative who broke into my house a few years back and burned all of my manuscripts and artwork too.

I’m seriously questioning her sanity and wondering how to go about having her institutionalized as criminally insane, if any one has any advice on how to go about institutionalizing this woman before her acts of violence get any worse – please let me know.

She is doing this, because she claims that I have a demon. She says it is alright to do these things to me, my pets, and my belongings, because she says God tells her it is alright. She says that God wants her to drive out my demons. Her constant talk about her belief that I have a demon is baffling.

While I am not the only person she accuses of being demon possessed, I seem to be the only person she consistently vandalizes in this manner.

This is the same woman who goes to my church and tells my Bishop I am a witch, the same woman who has tried for several years to have me excommunicated from the church, her reason being that a am “a demon possessed witch who puts curses on her”. That accusation alone should have told the Bishop and other church leaders that she is a raving lunatic.

18 hours on my feet, I'm FINALLY able to sit down - I am dead tired, but Cleo has been found & reunited with her 3 day old babies

the mother cat and her 3 kittens got separated yesterday - she had the kittens in the barn, but than got frightened and ran into the woods

one of my other cats - Figaro - has had the kittens tucked in with her keeping them warm

I spent 18 hours looking for her - finally found her, and she's back in the barn, purring to her new day old kittens

well - seeing how I've been out looking for a lost cat for 18 hours - I have not written anything today

and I'm so tired after 18 hours of walking & panicking I think I'll go to sleep and write double tomorrow

last 2 days had me in a stress overload Cleo disappeared just before sunset & we didn't find her until 3 hours ago

all 18 cats all back at home, safe, happy, and purring - and yesterday I had only 15 cats - have you ever heard 18 cats purring at once?

NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
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NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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