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GRAND THEFT AUTO attempt on the GoldenEagle ... A longer more detailed explanation about why I have not sleep or eaten in 4 days...Or operation rescue The Goldeneagle from car thieves, than stand guard 24 hours.

black birdfall leaves centerblack bird

I haven't eaten in 3 days, barely had anything to eat last week - why won't she get a job or a hobby so harassing me isn't her career? I have not slept in almost 70 hours - I need a break from the vandals - how do you take a vacation from stalkers? hmmm - thanks to my taking my Samuel the Lamenite persona to a new level - I've missed 2 days of #scriptfrenzy and 3 days of sleep, but the wall is built, I've been on my feet over 24 hours straight to build it, have not stopped to sit down once - I was working against a fast ticking clock, but it's built! A wall that's a foot taller than my head. It's amazing the things you can lift when you are not stopping to think about it - some of those beams weighed over 100lbs each and I had to carry each one from the "tent" to the car, a distance of 150 feet, down a cliff, across a brook, and over hilly terrine.

I sprained my ankle a few hours in, but I didn't stop, just kept right on going. Didn't check it until about 8 hours after I had sprained it, when I was wondering why my shoe was soaking wet and full of water - whoops, nope, blood. No wonder it hurt so much, don't know what I did it on, but I've not only sprained my ankle, I also have a gash from my heel to my calf, that spreads all the way around, and left a wound 4 inches across with no flesh on it anymore. Icky. I can't even look at it - it's so awful.

My first aid kit is in the Volvo and that on York Hill in Biddeford, some 15 miles away. So, I just took to walking barefoot in the water of the brook instead of across the bridge, cause the water is ice cold. That stopped the bleeding, but now today, my whole foot and lower leg is all swollen up and black and blue. Probably infected by the look of it. I'd go to the hospital if I had someone to stay here and stand guard over my car, whoops, scratch that, I've no medical insurance, hospital refused to let me in last time I had a medical emergency - no medical insurance = no admittance. :( So, I just went back to building my wall, and pretended I couldn't feel my leg. Of course, now I can't feel it, nor can I walk on it. oooh can't even touch it. Hurts like hell. But, there is no one willing help me protect my car from these vandals so, I'll worry about my leg later when I don't have more important things to worry about.

oh - and OOB, Maine tourists who've stopped over the past couple of years and asked where it went, will be glad to know my life size cross is back up. And it now has the addition of a crown of harthorns added to it - and there are people who wonder why some people call me a Jesus freak =P The Wall of Samuel the Lamenite is up, and now it's off to build Golgotha.

Do you have any idea how HEAVY a ten foot cross is? Or to hard it is to carry on your back? or how hard it is to get it up on the roof of a car? It used to be a big thing around Easter and Christmas when I put it up each year, it has lights on it, and people used to stop to get pictures of it. I put it up every year for years and years and years - than one year it didn't go up, and people wanted to know why - uhm - yeah, well, when I became homeless after the fire, I had to tie my tarp down over something so it would be shaped like a tent - the cross was being used as the support beam down the middle of the "tent". So, for three years the cross didn't go up, because I was living under it.

But it's back, my giant cross in all it's glory is standing tall and proud once again. yep - you guessed it - the cross now stands on the roof of the Goldeneagle :)

And due to the vast change in landscape - having had all my roses and lilacs pulled up - I had to change the landscape to hide the car from the view of the road - strange the things you can think to do when you have no other option. The cross isn't just standing on the roof of the car - no - that'd be too simple for me: I buried the car - the cross stands on Golgotha now. Now where once sat a car, sits a 6 foot by 19 foot hill with a 10 foot cross on top of it. Well, I'm still burying the car - it's a big car, it make Lincolns and Cadillacs and Limos look tiny. It's a huge car. I got a lot of burying to do.

The town only requested that the car not be seen from the road, that's why it was where it was and why the plants in front of and around it were planted there - and for 26 years you couldn't see it from the road, not until 2 days ago, when all my roses and lilacs got cut down and yanked up - I can't afford to buy new trees and bushes, so I had to think of another way to hide it from view of the road - well, you can't see something that's underground now can you?

Think of it as a very large grave. Well, the car IS sitting on top of an old graveyard after all (which is why I can't dig down and have to bring dirt in and build up instead - you only have to go down about two feet before you hit bones - lots of them - the whole hill on that side of the yard is one big giant unmarked grave yard - dozens of graves - that's why the hill has got all those weird sink-hole depressions in it, and how I know where not to dig). So, I'm just building a giant grave one top of a grave yard that's already there.

If you go back about 200 feet from the car, and ahead about 300 feet (and across the street) from the car, you'll find a lot more graves too but only a few random ancient headstones are there now, so almost no one knows the graves are here under and around my car and all over my yard and across our neighbors yards (3 different neighbors) - all of the Googings and Rodgers, and Rickers and Allens and Stackpoles - my family - 400 years of them, are buried here, and that's one of the reasons some folks think my car has an evil spirit in it - because it's sitting on top of an ancient Indian graveyard.

I don't know how many grave there are. The town hall burned down years ago (twice - the one now it the third one) and all the records were lost in the fire so we have no way of know who most of the people buried here are. I've got the Stackpole family Bible though, and we at least know the names of most of the people buried here, from this ancient 200+ year old Bible.

There apparently are graves pretty close to the water too, because a couple of times, long leg bones have washed up during storms. I was about 8 the first time that happened - freaked the hell out of me, I was out there looking for frogs in the swamp and all of a sudden there's these giant bones sticking up out of the mud from under the swamp.

A police officer came out and checked it out - that's when I first found out about the graves out there in the woods. He said he knew about the unmarked graves all over the woods behind our house, because some of his relatives were supposed to be buried out there, he said the whole area is littered with graves, but mostly unmarked because they were Indians. The graves are about 200 to 300 years old, and in the 1500 - 1600 this area was a huge apple orchard field, the pine trees were not here yet, back than, and the French settlers lived with the Indians and both used the field to bury their dead. The brook, was much smaller than, and the giant pines had not taken over yet, so over the years, the graves got damaged by the tree roots and the ever expanding swamp lands. (If you look at the land scape, you can see the old stone walls and foundations around the pine trees you have to dig down about 8 or 9 inches under the dirt to find the stones - they are really deep - but I've looked for them and they are there - so he was right, the pine trees were not here yet when the graves were first buried.) So he figured the brook opened up one of the graves and washed the bones down into the swamp.

But than again - the swamp is a peat bog with quick sand in it, so it could have been someone lost their footing out there years ago. I know the path through the swamp so I've got no problems skipping the quicksand, but I wold not recommend any one else try going out into the swamp, because I have no idea how deep those quicksand traps go and if they are deep enough you could get pulled under fast. There have been times when I've slipped and gotten my leg stuck and I know for a fact that they go as deep at least to my thigh, and likely much deeper. The swamp looks calm and peaceful, but it is dangerous to walk in if you don't know it well.

It's because of the graves, and the fact that Etiole never leaves this spot, (never except to head back to France or to York Hill in Saco, that is - I've never known him to go any place else), he pretty much stays in the 4 or 5 acre spot that the graves cover - that is why it was once suggested that Etiole was in fact a ghost. Actually, his clothing style, which is very, very 1600's and he speech being a very old style French, and all his memories of things back than, does in fact suggest that his being the ghost of one of the people buried on this hill, a very good possibility. It would explain a lot, though it does not explain every thing, but it would explain a lot. Like why Etiole gets so pissed whenever any one starts digging in the ground around here. That's also why it's so silly for these vandals to say that getting rid of my car will get rid of Etiole, because he's been here for some 360 years now and the car is only 40 odd years old!

But anyways, getting back to me building Golgotha...just think of it as a very large grave. And now when I eventually restore my car, it really will be a resurrection, because I'll have to dig it back up first =P

4 days with out food now - I still can't eat, my stomach is just so twisted up - does any one know how to settle an over stressed stomach? Still no sleep yet either - I don't think I've ever gone longer than 3 days without sleep before - same as my stomach - too stressed. My body feels like it's gone way beyond numb, but I can't fall asleep - it's never been this bad before. I'm like, gone way beyond stressed now and it's like I'm not in my body at all any more. I feel really, really weird and light headed, and I feel like I'm up over my body looking down at it. My eyes hurt, every thing is blurry and it's hard to type. I don't know, I've never felt like this before. My heart has been going at a wicked fast pace steady all day and night for the past couple of days, but now it's like it's going so fast that I can't feel it at all any more. It's just a really weird feeling. My leg doesn't hurt right now though, nothing hurts right now. I'm all like numb and can't feel anything. My fingers are not really feeling the keyboard as I type either. It's like I'm across the room watching myself type. It's just so...weird. I think I've gone waaay beyond my limit for lack of food and sleep.

It's like July 2, 2002 all over again - Ananias and Sapphira Day - or the day others call: The Day of the Stolen House. I didn't get any food or sleep for a few days than too, and I felt like this than, but it wasn't this bad that time. I've gone a lot longer without food or sleep this time than I did last time. It was to date - until today - the worst day of violence and vandalism yet and the day the OOB police called the state police and the state police called ABC-News. It was the day my agoraphobia hit rock bottom 'cause we had to deal with paparazzi reporters after that than spent 6 months in court every week. It was the day I officially became "famous" and was on front page news - a nightmare I never want to repeat, and why I now barricade myself in the house at the drop of a pin.

It was suggested by several people at the time, that Ananias and Sapphira Day pushed my stress levels to their limits and caused me to have a nervous break down. I think they mat be right, because I've been a jumpy nervous wreck, ever since that day, jumping at every little sound or movement now, and falling to the ground in horrible shaking fits whenever I set foot inside a Mormon Church building now, and I wasn't like that before than. Last time I entered a Mormon Church, a doctor had to take me out - it was my worst panic attack to date and it scared me so bad that I have not dared try set foot in a Mormon Church again - I didn't realize how bad my phobia of the vandals had gotten until that day. And no, the events of Ananias and Sapphira Day are not detailed in this book, because like I said, it was a stress overload for me and I can't deal with even thinking about that day, let alone trying to write about it.

But like now, Ananias and Sapphira Day was the day my panic attacks went into a super hyper overdrive and it was days before I could eat or sleep again, even though I was tired and hunger, I couldn't keep anything down, I'd start vomiting as soon as I tried eating and every time I laid down I'd just stare at the ceiling for hours wondering why I was still awake.

And while I'm thinking of dates, here is why the LDS/Mormon Church wants to excommunicate me:

July 2, 2002 all over again - Ananias and Sapphira day - or The Day of the Stolen House

July 2, 2009 - the day of a very big explosion and the man whom we called "Ananias" blew up in a freak gas explosion accident.

Exactly 7 years to the day, and hour.

July 22, 2009 - the day Bishop K called me a witch, accused me of having put a curse on "Ananias" and threatened to excommunicate me on ground of spell casting and witchcraft.

Why is it I can't remember an appointment date, but I can't get these other dates out of my head?

Here's another one:

October 21, 2001 - The Day Bush announced his war on terrorism.

October 21, 2001 - the day every thing I owned was packed up and taken to the house of mu high priest an hour's drive away.

October 21, 2001 - The day my high priest announced to the church, we were going to legalize our secret marriage.

October 21, 2001 - The first time that McEvoy guy threatened me.

That was a long and busy Sunday.

October 21, 2006 - The day vandals burnt my house down and I became homeless.

October 19, 2009 - The second time Bishop K accused me of being a witch and causing the death of some church member by casting a curse, this time a guy I didn't even know.

October 20, 2009 - The day I had a stoke - 4 hours after the Bishop's accusations, and a few hour til the 3rd anniversary of the burnt house, and 7 hours before the anniversary of the legalizing our marriage was announced.

And here's why I said that:

July 2, 2002 - The first time I felt like I do right now, and had a nervous breakdown.

October 20, 2009 - The second time I felt the way I do right now, and had a stroke.

April 9, 2010 - Today. I feel like I did those other two days again, only worse than before. Those are the dates my panic attacks went in to super major wicked hyper overdrive and I could not relax no matter what I did - like is happening this week. But it's never lasted this long before - I've been 4 days without food and nearly a week without sleep and I don't know how to fix it. It's been what - almost 70 hours now? It's like, I've gone to a point where you are beyond the ability to sleep at all anymore. Is such a thing possible?

Oh yeah somewhere out there is a picture of me in my Doctor Who CosPlay carrying a bucket of water to the hens (yes, I did see you take it).

I got pictures of my new Golgotha, will upload them later - thinking of planting flowers on the roof of my car. I turned my car into Golgotha - still burying it; I think I should make two more crosses to go on top. Hey - that was tweet # 14,000! boy, I tweet a lot don't I? (Yes, I'm typing this from Twitter, as I have done with much of the rest of this book).

Suppose I could leave an access point and just live in the car underground? There would be more room in the car than the tent - a 19 foot X 6 foot car is much bigger than a 4 foot X 6foot tarp after all - and drier too. HUGE car - yes - it's longer than some Limos - big, big, big, big car. Push button car, with an 8-track player, and when it did run it ran on weird leaded gas that I don't think they sell anymore, which means I'll have to do something about converting the gas line over when I do rebuild it.

And - the 8 track player is gone - there's a big gapping hole in the dashboard where someone cut it right out. I'm not too happy about that. Not that I would use the 8 track player, no, it's the 2 foot diameter hole in the dashboard that I'm pissed about. One more thing that needs fixing. Pitiful. And where is the chrome? All the Goldeneagle's lovely beautiful shinny sparkling 100% real chrome - chrome! And the chrome mirrors are gone, as is some of the chrome trim. I'm not too happy about that either - chrome, real chrome, not the fake stuff, is not exactly cheap, in fact, it's damn darn expensive! And why are the break drums out of the wheels and sitting on the windshield?

And what is this big hole in the fender? I mean - big hole, IN THE FENDER! A hole in the body panels! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get body panels for this car?!?!? Some one cut a hole - no, not cut - gouged and stabbed and twisted the metal all to hell, like they did it with a crow bar or something! There is a hole in my car! A hole! I can put my fist through it and touch the engine under the hood. It's like 9 inches across - and there's one on the other fender too. Not just one hole - two! There are two HOLES in my car. HOLES! Big fricking holes! Holes in each front fender in the same spot - what did they do, stick grappling hooks in it to pull it with? And let's not even start on the hood - it's like over here and the car is over there, and I'm really wanting to strangle some one right now. I've got like this giant 19 foot long jigsaw puzzle I have to put back together. What did they do to my poor car? They started stripping it down, by the look of it! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL! people!

I haven't written anything for the contest or updated my Script Frenzy in 3 days thanks to these stupid ass vandals. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to go to the Write In meetings any more, I mean it's not like I have a way to get there, or even if I did, like I'd dare leave my car long enough to sit through a meeting. I have to stay here in the yard on 24 hour guard duty without sleep to make sure they don't come sneaking back and try to steal my car again. Evil people. Evil people. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, evil destructive, cruel, no good heartless people. Well, at least I wrote 51 pages the first 3 days of the contest, and it's only day 9 now, so I'm not behind yet, at least. I havn't written anything because I write in my garden or in my car and both got trashed this week. Those sick vandals - you know - the same ones that stalk me online leaving all those nasty comments? Yeah, same ones, them again.

I don't know, I think it a waste of existance to spend your entire life stalking and vandalizing someone. Neither one of them have EVER had jobs, both are welfare bums. Not legit people who actually need help because they can't work, but the scum bags lazy types who leach off the State because they refuse to work. It's pitiful really, the way they waste time 24 hours a day following me around both online and offline. You'd think they could think of a better way to spend their time. They both need jobs to fill their time and hobbies to give them something to do other than vandalism me.

You know - maybe I should write a stage play about it? or a movie? "The Vandal Stalks at Midnight". I really need to get back to writing my script for the Script Frenzy contest, but I'm just so upset right now I can't even think about script writing right now. Than again, writing a script about what has been happening...I think I'll do that, write down every act of violence they did and write a movie about it for Script Frenzy. The Goldeneagle has been on TV and is in 30+ books and has it's own website but it's never been in a movie yet. I could write a movie script about this, and have the actual car in it's vandalized condition, in the movie.

It did almost get in a Stephen King movie accidentally, when we drove into the filming area of Thinner. You know, that scene in Thinner when all the gypsy cars are driving by? I live on that road they drove by our house. We get one hell of a weird fog that rolls in off the beach here - King wanted the cars driving through it. hhhmmmm --- I just thought of something - Steven King's seen the Goldeneagle - I wonder if he based Christine on it? A haunted demon possessed car from the 1960's and all - right where King grew up - I never thought of that before. Does anyone know where Stephen King got the idea for Christine? The timings right and he lived here than and when the Goldeneagle was on the road - it was damn famous locally - the gigantic super sized orange glittering metallic thing stood out like a soar thumb. Chrome shinning in ever direction. All that chrome. Gone. Pitiful. That's going to be so hard to replace.

But it was sort of a weird car when we got it, before we tore it down to nothing and rebuilt is from the ground up and ended up with a completely one of a kind irreplaceable custom built car.Rebuilding it in 1975 - 1976 did nothing to help it's being haunted rumors (which it already had before we bought it, for practically nothing because no body would get near the creepy thing). And the complete lack of control any one had while driving it was what started the haunted car rumors, and it's 80mph nose dive off the beach into the ocean is what killed it - the trans it full of salt and sand. It did that, while I was in the back seat of it, I might add - which is where the my being a poltergeist rumors got started from. A VW Rabbit, less than a quarter it's size, pulled it out of the ocean and back home - parked it in my garden, and it has never moved again.

It had a bad habit of reving up and speeding off by itself, than all 4 door flew open - people were terrified of it. Mechanics said it did that because it was a push button car, they figured the buttons were getting stuck down and switching the car on - church members said it did it because it had a demon living in it. We used to have to tie the door handles to the seat beats, to keep the doors shut while driving down the road. They kept popping open ever time we started going over the speed limit. Some church members, we used to take to church with us, said they felt like the car was trying to throw them out of it. Others said the "demon" didn't like folks speeding so he opened the doors and tried to push the people out whenever it went over the speed limit. In any case, after a while, the only people who would get near the car, was me, my dad, and my two grandmothers. Every one else was terrified that "that thing is out to get me".

And that's something to consider. The car was always nutty like that, and we bought it September 23, 1975, but than it wasn't until 4 years later that I first saw Etiole, and he always did sort of just stay in whatever part of the yard the car was sitting in, which is how the rumors he was the demon living in the car and causing it to act weird, got started to begin with. He showed up in our yard after we bought the car, which is how these vandals rationalize their theory that getting rid of the car will get rid of Etiole. Back in 1973 our neighbor got so freaked out over the Dodge that they filled it's gas tank with sand, to prevent it from moving. Throughout the 1970's and 1980's it was constantly getting egged or shaving creamed or toilet papered, we never found out who was do those things to it. It took it's fatal jump into the ocean in 1986, same time Etiole has his heart attack that left him crippled and nearly immobile. After we parked it in my garden, people still kept coming up in the yard - 150 back off the road - and egging the windshield. It was just, like it was the "thing to do" the whole "I'm bored lets go put shaving cream on the Allen's haunted car". That's why I originally planted the rose bushes and blackberries all around it - to stop people from doing things to it. But in 26 years, the bushes grew right up over it and wrapped it all up and it's been years since anyone has even seen it, because it can not be seen from any angle, at least, not until 2 days ago that is, when all the bushes got chopped down.

It used to be one of Old Orchard Beach's police cars, but they got rid of it because no one could handle it. Than some old guy had it and painted it a dull gold leaf, with a paint brush. Than it sat unused for ages in the back of a used car lot in Old Orchard, because no one wanted it or knew what to do with it. It got rusted out real bad during that time. In 1975 we bought it, restored it, and than put 200,000 miles on it. It's a strange car. It was a mistake - it's the 1964 limited edition version, but it's also a 1963 police car, that wasn't supposed to be a police model, but was both in one. That's why it's got that weird VIN that all out of whack. Apparently it was one of, if not the, very first 1964 built, as well as one of if not the last 1963 built. In any case, it's a factory mistake model of an already rare model, making it a super rare model. There is not known to be another one of this EXACT same mistake model made - that's why it's worth $50k even in it's current condition, because it may very well be the only one of it's kind ever built. Less than 5000 of the limited edition model was made, and less than 1000 of those were 4 door sedans, so even if it had not been a mistake, it'd still be wicked super rare. Of those original 1,000 less than 100 are known to exist today worldwide - that's why I'm so super pissed at what the vandals did to it. It's utterly impossible to buy parts for - you have to have parts custom built that's why I've not been able to get it running again. These people, know about how rare this car is - and the audacity - they still tried to steal it and sell it for junk?!!!!!!? EVIL ! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL! people! How do such evil people exist on this planet? But that's why no Script Frenzy writing is getting done I've been on 24 hour guard, building a wall, burying my car, and sitting on the hood of my car with no food or sleep 4-days.

I just noticed my finger is swollen up. I wonder what I did to that? I don't remember hurting it. Well, I didn't know I hurt my leg for several hours either though. I guess I was just so worked up about her stealing my car and selling it to a junk yard, that I didn't notice anything else at all for the past few day. Of course, now that I'm looking at it, my whole hand doesn't look to good and neither does my other foot - not the one that's all gashed open. I wonder if my ankle is actually broken and not sprained - it was really hurting way beyond what I should have been walking on. It's not hurting right now because I'm sitting down on the floor, with it propped up so the swelling will go down. I don't think I can walk on it now, I was so worked up that I didn't even think about it, but now that I'm sitting down, when I try to move it, it's uhm, I can't really move it. It hurts if I try to move it at all, so I have been sitting in this same position for about 5 hours now. I'm hoping it'll stop hurting by the time I have to go to my Script Frenzy Writer's Meeting tomorrow, I won't be able to go if I can't walk. I mean, it's not like I've got a car that runs at the moment, not with the Volvo going all wonky and the Dodge in the process of being buried under a 6 foot tall mound of dirt.

Well, I'm going to lay down and see if I can get a few minutes of sleep at least, I'll worry about food later, cause I think right now I'm needing sleep a lot more than food.

NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
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NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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