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NaNoWriMo RE: The Year of Doing Big, Fun, Scary Things Together 2010 Edition

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Well, it's that time of year again. NaNoWriMo is over, Script Frenzy is a few months away, and that can only mean one thing:

It's time for: The Year of Doing Big, Fun, Scary Things Together contest!!! YAY!

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I noticed that there are a lot of individual BFS lists on this forum, so I thought maybe I could start a thread for everyone to list their BFS lists, if they haven't done so somewhere else already, and if they would like to here. :)
What do you want to do for 2010? What challenges do you present to yourself? What are you undertaking?
Here is mine for 2010:

What do you want to do for 2010?
What challenges do you present to yourself?
What are you undertaking?

The 2 that I know I will do are:

- Win Script Frenzy 2010
- Win NaNoWriMo 2010

Those two are the easy things on my list, that there is no question that I can and will do them. ;) They are both big and scary and definitely fun, but small compared to the rest of my list.

As usual, I will give myself a nice long list and hope I'll get at least one or two things checked off. And, as usual, some of the things on my list are *little* big scary things and others are *huge* near impossible big scary things. All are things I want to do, and who knows, maybe this will be the year that I actually get then done!

* * * MY LIST * * *

(NOTE: The goal numbers are not in order of importance, just in the order that I thought of them.)

Goal #1:

- Continue my multi year winning streak, by winning again next year:
- - - - Win NaNoWriMo 2010.
- - - - Make 2010 my first ever win at Script Frenzy.

- Become the local ML for Script Frenzy

Goal #2:

- Expand on my 2009 Big Scary Winner. Last year I started an online Etsy store, sewed up a few dozen voodoo dolls (and 2 voodoo owls), and have made a few sales. That was my goal and I did it. This year, I want to expand that by:
- - - - Make more voodoo dolls to sell.
- - - - Design *evil voodoo Santa dolls* to sell.
- - - - Design *voodoo cat dolls* to sell.
- - - - Design *evil voodoo bunnies* to sell.
- - - - Design *voodoo chicken dolls* to sell.

- Expand my line beyond emo/goth dolls by:
- - - - Design some none emo/goth dolls to sell. (That may be hard! LOL!)
- - - - Reteach myself to crochet (it's been 20+ years since I did it!).
- - - - Make crocheted Granny Square/Hippy Bags to sell.
- - - - Figure out how to make a beaded necklace I designed, than make a bunch of them to sell.

- Expand my line of custom fabrics (which are used to make my dolls.)
- - - - Start selling the fabric yardages to customers.
- - - - Come up with more craft items I can sew out of my fabric lines.

- Find a way to reach more customers and make more sales.
- - - - Via online marketing.
- - - - Via off line marketing.
- - - - Find a way to make enough income via Etsy, to never have to work a day job again.

Goal #3:

- Celebrate my 6th year on Zazzle:
- - - - Create a new line of paintings, drawings, and photography.
- - - - Restock my art supplies: get new brushes, paints, etc.
- - - - Find ways to reach more customers.
- - - - Advance my sales from a level two seller (selling $100+ per month) to a level three seller (selling $500+ per month).
- - - - Focus more on photography, taking photos of famous local places.
- - - - Find a way to make enough income via Zazzle, to never have to work a day job again.

Goal #4:

- Get The Rabbit Hole off paper and into production.
- - - - Set up an online store for it, possibly on Etsy.
- - - - Make patterns for my dress/fashion designs.
- - - - Create even more dress designs.
- - - - Design a new line of fabric just for these dresses.
- - - - Sew up and than sell the dresses online, possibly on Etsy.
- - - - Continue to work on my goal of turning The Rabbit Hole into an actual brick and mortar dress shop in Portland.

Goal #5:

- Celebrate my 3rd year on Squidoo:
- - - - Update and refresh my old articles.
- - - - Write several new articles.
- - - - I just reached my goal of having 500 articles on Squidoo before the end of 2009, with 507 articles published; expand that in 2010 to at least 600 articles published.
- - - - Find a way to make enough income via Squidoo, to never have to work a day job again.

Goal #6:

- Find a way to make enough income via my writing, art, and sewing to never have to work a day job again, so that I can focus on working from home as a full time writer, artist, and craftswoman. (See Goals #1 - 5.)

Goal #7:

- Move to Portland and:
- - - - Buy the 1700's sea captain's mansion at 300 Danforth Street and turn it into my private studio where I can work on even more books, paintings, dolls, and dresses.
- - - - Focus my energy of getting my plays produced at several of the dozens of theaters in Portland.
- - - - Expand my feral cat rescue operation (The Pidgie Fund) so we can house more than 20 cats at a time --- thinks of those huge bedrooms in the Danforth Street Manor, any cat's dream come true!

Goal #8:

- Make more money so I can afford to rescue more cats.

(No, 19 cats is NOT enough - there are so many more homeless cats out there who need my help. Yes, I AM going to try to save them ALL. No, I'm not Wonder Woman, but heck, you can't stop me for trying!)

Goal #9:

- Get my car paid off.
- Than have it restored and pimped out.
- And have a Trans Am hood bird put on it's hood.
- Continue to ignore people who laugh at the fact that this car is an ancient Volvo "not worth restoring".
- Get a Peugeot 505 to likewise restore and pimp.

(Yes, I do like metal flake and shag on types of cars you'd least expect to see flaked and shagged. No, I don't care what any one thinks. Yes, I like little European cars. And who says only big Cadillacs can get pimped out? I'll pimp any car I feel like pimping.)

Goal #9.A:

- Get driver's license. This has been on my BFS List every single year.

(Yep, I'm almost 40, have two cars, plan on getting a third, and I have never yet gotten a driver's license. HUGE phobia's need dealing with here.)

Goal #10:

- Continue to expand on my writing career:
- - - - Continue writing, editing, and publishing short stories and plays.
- - - - Work on getting a novel published.
- - - - Continue my multi-year goal of writing a minimum of 1,000 words a day no less than five days a week.
- - - - Figure out a way to salvage my mangled up 2009 NaNovel so it can be published.
- - - - Become a "professional/produced" playwright, as opposed to my current status of a "hobbiest/unproduced" playwright.
- - - - Make a serious effort to actually finish writing SHIVER (an anthology of 13 one act plays).
- - - - Spend the summer/fall trying to get at least one of the "SHIVER" plays produced at a local theater.
- - - - Revise and re-release my long out of print Twighlight Manor series, possibly combining it's dozens of chapbooks, pulps, and short stories into an anthology.
- - - - Work on my idea for rewriting the Twighlight Manor series into a series of short one act plays.

Goal #11:

- Read one book a week or 52 books in 2010.

Goal #12:

- Take a trip to Bar Harbor and take lots of pictures.
- Take a trip to France and take lots of pictures.
- Take a trip to Papua New Guinea and take lots of pictures.
- Think of other places to visit and go.
- Sell pictures from trips on my Zazzle store.

Goal #13:

- Get another dog. (My Buddy died during NaNoWriMo 2008.) Preferably from the Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

Goal #14:

- Try to obsess about things less.
- Keep depression under control.
- Try to obsess about things less.
- Keep OCD under control.
- Try to obsess about things less.
- Find ways to overcome at least a few of the things on my mile long list of phobias.
- Try to obsess about things less.
- Continue working on my Agoraphobia problem. I'm now a "recovering Agoraphobic" - I actually have left the yard a few times this year. Need to become a "recovered Agoraphobic" now.
- Try to obsess about things less.
- Think happy thought and avoid suicide temptations.
- Try to obsess about things less.
- Find ways to deal with the fact that "normal" people are never going to be able to come to terms with the fact that I have Schizotypal Asperger's Syndrome (This means I'm an Autistic person who also has Schizophrenia and Obsessive Complusive Disorder.)
- Try to obsess about things less.
- I really need to try to obsess about things less. It's a huge problem.

Goal #15:

- Think of more goals to add t this list, because, you know, 15 just isn't enough. =P

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