Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Being Excomunicated for Publishing the Story of My Encounter!?!?!?!

I was just told by my bishop that if I did not remove the story of my alien encounter from the internet, that I'll be excommunicated from the church! I am so upset right now. I don't understand how they can do this. I'll backlog a bit for those of you who don't know about the events that lead up to this: Well, as some of you may know from reading my blog posts, and FaceBook comments, the 9 years of vandalism that lead to my becoming homeless, came to a sudden end after a huge fire swept through our town and killed several people in February of 2008. For the rest of the year, I finally and at last had a few months of peace and quiet without rocks and paintballs and death threats or people setting fire to my house. However, the rumors that I was a witch with a poltergeist demon, started growing worse - people were just too terrified after the fire to do any more vandalism, because as they have told me on countless occasion, they believed I had sent a demon to curse them and that's how the fire got started. (I think it may be safe to say I live in a town full of superstitious redneck hicks!) So I had a rare year without violence being done to my family, until February of 2009, when things started up again, and the outspoken talk of my "demon" went on an all out rampage, driving me once again, back into my agoraphobic state due to the threat of violence every time I leave the house. Well, I mentioned this online and oe of my newer FB friends who did not know the situation but was seeing the nasty comments local church members were leaving all over my profile, and asked me what these people were talking about, and what this so-called demon it was that they kept accusing me of sending after them. To answer their questions I wrote, what has become undoubtedly my most controversial, flamed, blasted, and outragougously hated Squidoo lens ever: ( ) which told the story of my encounter with a strange creature I met when I was 4 years old, and due to my refusal to deny what I had seen, would result in years of accusations of witchcraft, demon possession, violence, and vandalism, which reached it's height in 2006 when these people decided to set fire to my home and kill my pets as a desperate attempt to "drive out my demon". (The fire was supposed to be an exorcism of sorts, though I never quite understood how that was exactly.) Well in any case, this lens just reached it's 5th month birthday, and the traffic and comments and emails and IMs have been coming at ever increasing levels, with church members now crying out in one accord, demanding that I delete my lens and beg forgiveness of God. Last night, this ongoing saga reached a strange and unexpected new level which totally took me by surprise. Some of you may be aware of a "battle" that ensured on FaceBook about 2 weeks ago, when 2 church members died suddenly, and the whole kit and kaboodle of the rest of the members within hours of the deaths, landed on my FaceBook profile with accusation after accusation, all accusing me of being a witch and putting a curse on these 2 men causing their deaths. I told them all exactly what I thought of their accusations, which I found appualing and laughable. With in 2 hours I lost more than 200 friends off my FaceBook account as one by one they took to writing on each others walls and telling each other to "punish" me by deleting me off their friends list. I told them I was better off without them and I didn't care if they left or not. In the end, only 2 members of the church are still on my friends list. The rest now shun me . . . hey, shunning is better than vandalism at least! Well, than last night, my dad, received a phone call (I don't have a phone) from the bishop asking me to meet him at his office. And I spent the next half hour being told by the bishop that I was a witch, an apostate, an evil caster of spells, and than he throew the ultimatum on me: delete my "wicked website of lies or be excommunicated". I now have 2 weeks to delete my "evil" Squidoo lens, after which time, if it has not been deleted, he will be bringing in the church council and start excomunication procedures! Well, if in 30 years, I have stood up against them never refusing to deny the existence of this strange creature, why would I suddenly do so now? I'm not denying what I saw, I'm not deleting my lens, and so, I have one new experience to add to my Squidoo experience - in 2 weeks I'll be excommunicated, and I can say it was Squidoo that did it! :) LOL! :) UGH! These people are so crazy, and this, is just proving it even more. I've been a member of the LDS Church for 34 years! I can't believe they would tell me to not tell people about my encounter like this. Well, I'd just like to say that I am NOT going to be deleting my website about my encounter. Oh well, I guess I can always find a new church to attend, right? And now I ask you, can you see any reason why I should delete my lens? What exactly is it that they find so wrong with it anyways? I really don't understand what all the fuss is about! I think they are being waaaay to over sensitive here. I mean, what exactly is it that they find wrong with it? I have to ask here: What would Jesus do? Would Jesus attack, harass, vandalize, condemn, and hate? I don't think so! Well, I just needed to get that off my chest, thank you for listening.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!

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