Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Idiot Dog Owners on The Beach.... GRRRR

OMG! I hate dog owners who let their dogs run lose... I was just complaining about this yesterday. I love dogs.

We live walking distance from the beach and so 3 or 4 times a week, we head for the beach. This is Buddy's favorite past time, he can spend hours in the water, chasing tennis balls, and chewing up clam shells. On the beach Buddy is on a 20' lead and a 4' leash. The 20' lead lets him run after balls, while the 4' leash, lets me hold him to my side in case he has one of his attack moods.

Here's the problem, which got me to complaining about dogs not on leash yesterday:

The first thing you see when you step on the board walk is a huge sign:

    Dogs only allowed on beach from 5PM to 10AM
    Please clean up after your dog.

You notice how they put the dogs on leash in big bold print? Well, that's because there are 2 million people on this beach once summer goes full swing, and the town has been having massive problems with unleashed dogs running up to people, chasing small children, killing seagulls, and in some cases biting people. A lot of dogs have been put to sleep as a result.

The beach is 7 miles long, and near the pier where the most people are, dogs are not allowed at all, however, on the far end of the beach a gully divides the beach in half, leaving a 3 mile section that most people never go on, and dog owners are allowed to take there dogs down there. That's where the sign is.

Dogs are every where down there, 90% of the dog owners are pretty good and use long leads to let their dogs run free while still being on a leash, that way they can pull their dog in should he start heading for trouble. These dog owners are great, they walk around with poop scoopers and doggie bags and are really good about making sure that their dogs obey the laws of the beach.

The other 10% of dog owners are awful and ruin it for the rest of us. Take yesterday for example:

Me and Buddy were on the beach, we saw a group of dogs down by the gully so I took Buddy the other direction, since Buddy does not play well with other dogs. Believe me looks are very deceiving in Buddy's case, and that is his biggest problem, and the problem we had yesterday.

The group was 3 women in there 50's - 60's and each had a dog, none on a leash. One of the women saw me and Buddy, some 50 yards away, and did the unthinkable: she pointed us out to her dog and yelled out: "Look at that cute little puppy, go play with him!"... Her dog quickly responded by running full gallop in the direction the woman was pointing, straight for Buddy. Buddy who seconds ago was happily bouncing in the waves, saw the strange dog running for him, and turned full monster baring his teeth and ready to kill. Luckily for both dogs, Buddy weighs a minor 35lbs and I slung him over my shoulder and out of the other dog's path.

The other dog was very playful and took no notice that Buddy was about to tear him to shreds. The women were all laughing and saying "How cute!". The other two dogs were now running after the first one. I told them to call their dogs off, because Buddy was an aggressive rescue dog and still being tamed, and they just went "Oooooh but he's so cute." Yea, he's cute, he's tiny, and he has in the past taken down 100lb dogs 4 times his size in a matter of seconds because he goes straight for the throat. The vet says that because he is so small, he feels threatened, and that is why he attacks things bigger than himself. She said as long as he feels safe, he's a perfectly calm dog, it's only when he feels threatened that he becomes violent. Well, for a little dog like Buddy, there is nothing more threatening than a big 70lb dog galloping full speed straight for him.

I don't blame their dog. He was just a big goofy thing doing what him momma told him to do. I can't believe the nerve of that woman! Do these women even have brains? They certainly were not using them, that's for sure. Who in their right mind would do such a stupid thing? Cute or not, big or small, ANY dog will attack if another dog who they have never seen before suddenly starts running towards them. What were they thinking?!?! These women were so stupid. What they did was 100% totally irresponsible. If I hadn't held Buddy at bay over my shoulder (which believe me is no easy task, not when he's ready to kill, he's hard to hold down.) her dog would have been seriously wounded or even dead in a few seconds flat.

I know this dog and I know how to handle him and keep him calm, it's my job to help him to not be an aggressive dog anymore, but when irresponsible people do things like this, they are not making that job easy, and they are just asking for trouble. Only a total moron would send their dog to go play with a strange dog they didn't know!

Well, later on that same day, after me and Buddy had put about a mile between ourselves and those idiotic women, we saw yet another irresponsible dog owner on the beach. Or rather, we saw the dog and not the owner. A little kid, maybe 3 years old was playing in the gully (speaking of irresponsible, where were his parents... 3 people drowned in that gully last year alone!) and a big black dog came running up across the beach and aimed straight for the kid! OMG! His parents came running down after, and the dog owner came running from the other direction, but both parents and owner, were a good half mile from the dog and the kid. Who in their right mind lets a dog run loose on the beach and worse, what kind of a parent lets their toddler wander that far off AND go swimming in the rapids of a dangerous gully?

OMG! The things I see when I'm on the beach! It's no wonder so many kids drown and so many people hate dog owners, what with idiots like those wandering around!

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!

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