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Should You Have a Squidoo Lensography?

Today's topic of thought: Lensographies.

I have several of these.

I'll write 5 or 6 (or 20 or 30 in some cases) lenses on a single topic, and than I'll create a Lensography (lens index) lens where I link all of those lenses together.

The biggest advantage to this is I can create a series of lenses, say on the art of writing (which I did), and each lens featues a differant aspect of the art of writing: one talks about self-publishing, one talks about creating characters, one talks about ways around wtier's block, one talks about free writing contests, one talks about copyright laws, etc, etc, etc. In the end I created more than 30 lenses all focusing on the art of writing, and though they all are for authors and freelancers, each is totally differant and focuses on a differant area of the writing field.

Okay, so with 30+ lenses that means I have to now to SEO 30 times more than if I had created one lens right? That's where the Lensography comes in. I put links to all of my writing lenses, on one lens, and now all I have to do is focus on the SEO for that lens only, because once someone reaches that one lens, they now have a direct link to all of my other lenses on writing.

I do this two ways:

1) TOPIC LENSOGRAPHIES: I have a Lensography for each topic (series of lenses on that tpic). Currenlt I have a lens index for my Writing lenses, one for my Halloween lenses, one for my Party Planning lenses, and I'm building one for my Book and Movie Review lenses.

2.) PROFILE LENSOGRAPHIES: I have a personal Lensography (see here: ) which is an idex of each and every one of my lenses. When I started this lens, I had less than 20 lenses, so it was quite small. Today I have 224 lenses and my Lensography lens is huge as a result, however, all I have to do now is to promote this one lens to bring traffic (readers) to all of my other lenses.

Now to answer your question, does it work? Yes! My lensography has never been below the 5,000 mark on the lensrank, and usually it stays in the top 700, sometimes it's gets near the top 100, but has yet to be in the top 100 list, though lenses I have featured at the top of my lensography HAVE gotten into the top 100 list, and looking at where the traffic to those came from (in the stats page) I find that it was my lesnography that drove a lot of the traffic to them.

I promote my lensography EVERYWHERE: on MySpace, on my 32 blogs, on FaceBook, on MyLot, in the sig links on my posts for each of the over 150 forums I reguraly post on, I even leave it on post-it notes in local public bathrooms! When I sign up for something and the site asks for my homepage, I always type in my lensography URL, because I consider that to be my homepage. As a result of all this, I have a constant and steady stream of traffic flowing into my lensography, and because my lensography links to all of my 224 lenses, I do nothing to promote any of my other lenses at all. I promote one lens and one lens only. This one: and it sends it's heavy traffic flow out to all of my other lenses.

If you only have one or two lenses than, no, you don't need a lensography, but I tell everyone with more than ten lenses, to build one, because it's the best way there is to promote your other lenses.

I've got a series of lenses for writers (about 30 lenses so far) and another series for Halloween costumes (about 10 lenses so far), another series for parties -mostly birthdays- (about 60 lenses started, only 7 are published yet though), a series of seven lenses each one featuring a differant color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink) which I am currently expanding, a series of bios for characters from Don Rosa's Uncle Scrooge family tree, and my personal fave is the The Twighlight Manor Press series, which features lenses about anything to do with The Twighlight Manor Press (includes company profile lens, book review lenses, character profile lenses, and overview of products for sale lenses)

Right now I have 224 lenses, of them I think less than 30 of them are NOT a part of a series. I love doing lenses in topic series, and that's basicly my mode of creation.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!

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