Thursday, September 20, 2007

Zazzle Postage Stamps on Squidoo: No More Stamps on CafePress!!!!!

I've got a new lens on Squidoo that I'm listing Stamps for sale on, I've got over 100 differant designs and am listing them all on it right now. So far stamps are what I have sold the most of on Zazzle. Here's the link to the lens I made:

Did you know that CafePress no longer does postage stamps????? I went to list mine from them... I had 82 differant postage designs from CafePress, and they tell me they are no longer available, that they don't make those anymore!!! :( Now I've got to reload all of those pics to Zazzle so I can put them on stamps again.

I'm makeing more lenses too. One for greeting cards, and one for framed art, one for cats art, one for peacock art, one for flamingo art, one for rooster art, one for Halloween art, and one for "back-to-school" stuff. The links to them are all on the postage stamp lens.

Also, if any of you have a Squidoo lense with your Zazzle or CafePress stuff , send me the lSquidoo inks here on my blog:, so that I can check them out and rate them for you. I love reading new Squidoo lenses and passing out 5 star rateings to the best ones.


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