Friday, September 07, 2007

Squidoo PayDay!

WOO~HOO!! Squidoo pay-day shout out! $10.28

In April I made 13 lenses, and than didn't build any more until August, when I added 62 more (about half are still draft/WinP, I'm not finished writing the content for all of them yet). Squidu forum says that the pay-outs are for two-months past, so the one I just got now was for July, not August. So I guess after reading the Squidu forum, it means that the $10.28 was for the 13 lenses I made in April only? Cause all of my other lenses were started after August 10th. If I'm reading their comments right that means my October payday should be about $70+-, right? Cool.

Well, if my unfinished lenses are already bringing in money, than they well do better once they are finished. I hope I have them all completed soon. Once they are finished they should actually start making more money right? (I hope).

I'm hopeing that in the long run I'll be making over $100 per month; I've heard that several people are doing that already. Are any of you guys reading this also on Squidoo? I've also heard that the Google slap will be affecting the high-payout folks this month. Did it? Did anyone make over $100 this month?

Well, here's the link to my Squidoo Profile, if any of you haven't checked it out yet, feel free to do so:



I just went through each on my lenses "Royalty links" and this is how they rank:

Most of them, as I said, didn't bring in any money, because they are too new.

Here is a breakdown of which lenses made what in July:

The following made .04c each:


<p> </p>

<p>Now... .04c each x 13 does not equal $10.28, so how my payout ended up $10.28 I have yet to figure out. According to Squidoo, these .04c per lens is because of Google's ads on the page. Google paid Squidoo .08c and Squidoo than paid me 50% of that.

Squidoo's Payout levels change every month, for the month of July the payout per lens was:

$4.12 (top 100 lenses)

$0.73 (top 1000 lenses)

$0.04 (top 10,000 lenses)

and if your lens isn't in the top 10,000 than you don't get anything for it that month at all!

However those figures do not include affiliate commisions. If you add MoneyMaker modules you make more money, providing that people buy the items you recomend.

I use eBay, Amazon, and CafePress on all of my lenses.

The payout for those is:

eBay 50% of what the seller earned.

Amazon 4% - 7% of the sale price.

CafePress for some reason isn't listed yet?

You also get $5 when you recommend others, after they join and after they earn thier first $15.

Squidoo says that the average payout for their lensebuilders is $35 per month. Most stay around the $10 range while a few hit $150 per month... and a handful are now making $400 - $500 per month.

As Squidoo gains more popularity these figures are expected to rise.

Well, there you have it.... how I make money on Squidoo. So, while my $10.28 is starting out small, it is something, and if all goes well, it'll soon be in the triple digits.

So, has anyone else tried this yet? If so, have you started making any money yet? I'd love to hear how others are making out with this.





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Roo said...

This was my first payout on squidoo too! Only having joined at the very end of June, my best performing lens earned over $15 and I didn't even get it quite finished until August. It gained a high ranking due to visits, keywords used and posting links to it on relevent forums.
payouts for lenses were broken down into tiers, the highest teir being $4, the next being 73cents, the lowest being 4cents. Squidoo don't publicise how the tiers work, but to me it seems the lowest tier being for those lenses ranked over 10,000, the 10,000 to 1,000 being the middle tier and the highest tier being for those lenses in the top 1000. It isn't publicised wether your lens has tomaintain that ranking for the month, on a particular day, or if overall average for themonth is used.
The high ranking only gained me $4 of the $15, the rest came from affiliate sales due to adding a couple of money making modules and putting relevent items in them. I was very surprised by this as most of them did not show as royalties until payday.
My other tip would be to tweek it every few days or at least once a week, check your traffic stats, and see what search terms people are using, these can be added as tags to your lens by clicking on the plus sign beside it.
If you want to check out my top performing lens, here's a link

Wendy C. Allen a.k.a. EelKat said...


I had just got done editing this post to add this months tier on it, when I found your comment waiting to be modded, and telling about it!

I must have gotten an affiliate sale some where, but I can't find it listed. The royalty links tell me all my lenses got .04c but that don't equal the $10.28 they sent me, so there must be an affiliate sale and I just didn't see it.

Checked out your Perry Mason les. What a great lens. Thanks for pointing it out. I love the old mystery tv shows. Esp Columbo and Sherlock Holmes. I've just started a lens for each of them, should have them finished later this month.

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