Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm Making Money Online, Are You?

Thinking once again about making money online, sparked I suppose by my $59 check from CafePress just one week before my $10.28 PayPal payment from Squidoo. The combined total that I made was just over $70 for the month of August: my best total ever since I began my search to make money online!

Well, right now I am searching for blogs by others who are, like myself, regular folks looking for ways to make a living on the internet. I'm narrowing down ones I like the best and posting the list here. Not for you the readers, but rather for myself, so that I'll be able to find them again, however, if it helps you my readers as well, than more power to you!

Before going on, I'll point out to you all, that ProBlogger is by far the internet's top authority on making money online. He does not have a job and he makes over $200,000 per year through various online sites. ProBlogger is the blog he writes detailing how he got started, what he does, how much he makes, how he makes it, where he makes it, when he makes it, and how you can do the same thing he does. If you want to learn to make money on line, your best bet is to read the blog of the guy who makes more money online than anyone else.

As I explore and learn my hope is that those who follow my lead, will succeed as well. Hopefully you and I can make an income online together.

Well, since joining the internet in 1997, I have tried literaly hundreds of methods for making money online, and so far I have only actually recieved money from 4 companies, listed here in the order that I have made the most money from highest to lowest:

#1.) CafePress : I make anywhere from $2 - $60 a month here without any promotion of my shopd, and with promotion of my shops, I believe I can up that figure to about $150 - $300 per month. (A theory I am currently testing). I have been making money here since 2005.

#2.) Squidoo : I currently make anywhere from .75c - $10 a month. Each month I make a little bit more than the last month. I estimate that by Christmas I should be earning $30 - $70 per month. I have been makeing money here since 2007.

#3.) Zazzle : I currently make $20 - $60 per year here. Like CafePress, this was done without promoting my shops. I have just begun to promote my shops, so hopefully I will see a raise in my income from Zazzle. I have been making money here since 2005.

#4.) Amazon : I have made additional money by selling books through Amazon auctions, I make between $5 - $50 per book, and if I had more books I wanted to sell, I could probably live off this income alone. Problem is, I need quite a bit of overhead up front, to buy the books, so that I can resell them for a profit. I have been making money here, since 1997.

I tried eBay, but lost more on thier insanly high fees, than I was ab;le to make, so I chalked eBay up to a waste of my time. If I had items that I could sell for $500 or more per item, I might (might) be able to make an income here.

I've tried nearly 500 differant MLM, pyramid, secret shopper, take survies, play games, and affiliate programs... so far not a single one of them has paid me a single penny.

Below is a list of the money-making advice sites that I feel are the most useful. Additionally, these sites are being added to my blogroll. Check them out:

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K.C. Gagne said...

Read on Nicole's blog about the breadown of Squidoo royalties for July. Where did you find that information?

Wendy C. Allen a.k.a. EelKat said...

The info on Squidoo's payments came off SquidU forums. I'd asked about the payment breakdowns and those figures are the ones that one of Squidoo staff posted

The info posted on this post is what those companies have paid me.

The blogs I found through Google search.

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