Monday, August 20, 2007

World's Worst Poet

Never give up, there are lessons to be learned from failrure. Just look at this guy. He was the world's worst poet when he was alive, and yet 100 years later he's still the world's worst poet, but his poems continue to sell anyways! Besides, now you know that no matter how bad your poems are, their well always be someone who is worse!

Today's Spotlight:

William McGonagall, gleefully known as one of English language's worst poets, continues to get no respect. Last month, plans for a memorial to him at the Writers Museum in Edinburgh (alongside those honoring Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott) were blocked by the Saltire Society in Scotland. In an epithet on a volume of his works, McGonagall's own publisher called him the world's worst poet. In spite of his detractors, McGonagall's works have remained in print for over a hundred years. He used to carry an umbrella everywhere he went, because there was always a chance he would be pelted with tomatoes.

Quote: "I wondered what could be the matter with me, and I began to walk backwards and forwards in a great fit of excitement, saying to myself, 'I know nothing about poetry.'" — William McGonagall

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