Friday, August 10, 2007

Vincent Price Movie Marathon!

Anyone else watching it? Twenty-four hours, all Vincent Price, all day, all night. Now why can’t they do this everyday? I haven’t seen a Vincent Price Movie Marathon since I was 8 years old! Back than I scared myself out going into the backroom of the Shop at night as a result of “The Mad Magician”. It was the only time I had ever seen this movie, and today I barely remember anything about it, other than the fact that it burned in my memory as the scariest thing I had ever seen, and I couldn‘t wait to see it again. (My mom owned a craft-shop back than, and I watched the VP movies marathon in the backroom.) Though he had scared the wits out of me that day, he instantly became my favorite actor, and today still remains my #1 all time fave. While I’ve seen 50 of his movies, there are still about 30 more that I have never seen.

You can imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to discover that TCM had hosting a Vincent Price Movie Marathon… Vincent Price all day, none stop, no commercials, no interruptions, just Price movie after Price movie, back to back to back! And they kicked it off with…. that’s right, you guessed it: “The Mad Magician”!

Vincent Price as The Mad Magician

The Mad Magician

The Tingler

The Master of The World

The Last Man on Earth

Tower of London

Fall of House of User

Pit and The Pendulum

Tales of Terror

The Mask of The Red Death

The Tomb of Ligeria

The Abominable Dr. Phibes.

Theater of Blood.

Of that list 5 of them I had never seen before. One, “The Master of the World“, could quickly become ranked as one of his best. A mad scientist builds a giant silver star ship, than goes on a rampage blowing up entire counties. That sounds strangely familiar to me. King Vielder and Melaca and their ship The VISION~D8 and their first arrival on planet earth? WOW! And here I thought I created that idea, now I find that Vincent Price did it in one of the movies I’d missed seeing… and that movie being based on a book written over 100 years ago! I’m sorry to say, that in all my reading, I have never read anything by Jules Vern. I must correct that and read The Master of the World, as soon as I have finished Harry Potter 7, which I am reading right now.

So, anyone else out there mesmerized by 24 hours of the greatest actor of all time today?

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