Thursday, June 21, 2007

2nd anniversary of The Padded Cell #2

Today (June 20, 2007) is this the 2nd anniversary of The Padded Cell #2. I remember being here when the original Padded Cell started February 16, 2005. I remember it being Feb 16, 2005, because that was the day I found the [], and was graced wih my first ever pink-slap! I remember being one of the very first posters on the Padded Cell, I think I showed up on page 2 of it. It was what kept me coming back to eBay and the []. Without it I don't think I would have come back to the [], because there was a wierd flame war going on than, and the [] just seemed so crazy at the time. But than Flowers started the Padded Cell and it was like a safe haven from the rest of the insanity going on in the [] at that time, so I just kept coming back and coming back... and wow! I can't belive it's been so long already! The original Padded Cell was short lived and closed down on June 16, 2005. It's last post was made by Dreams and was post number 27834, making it officailly eBay's longest thread at the time. (Most threads close down after a dozen or so replies, and only a rare few make it past 100.) The ledganday Padded Cell, was the first thread on eBay to hit 10,000, and than the first to hit 20,000.

Padded Cell #2 was started by eBay's Meme, in tribute to The Padded Cell. Us manic posters, known to other eBayers as "The Cellmates", quickly made sure that it continued in popularity, and as of today it stands at 37735 posts. Now not only has The Padded Cell gone on to be eBay's most popular forum, but it is now the longest lived as well. In an online chatroom arena where the average thread life is 12 hour, today The Padded Cell #2 celebrates it's 2nd year!

Total posts on the Padded Cell (1 & 2) now total 65,569 and counting!

Long live the Padded Cell! May it always have a place here on the [].

{{{{{{huggles all my cellmates}}}}}}}}

Scrooge McDuck being one of The Padded Cell's roving icons, it seems only approprait that he be the one to wish it a very Happy 2nd Birthday!


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