Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lost Manuscript Found

A few years back, in 2003 accourding to what I wrote on the cover of the notebook, I had started writing a book. The notebook got lost, and over time I forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, as some of you may know, we were forced off of the land that had been in our family since our ancestor founded this town, over 300 years ago. In the midst of it all, we had to clean everything out of the house. My brother found some lost notebooks of mine, that had somehow found a way to survive both the flood of May 2006 and the fire of October 2006.

The notebooks found, were soggy and wet and molded, but still intact and so, I made an attempt to dry them out. The ink, must have been waterproof, because it still there and still readible in spite of the condition of the pages themselves.

What a great find though. Some of the papers were lost sections of my Twighlight Manor series. One, as I said was a book I started in 2003. Well, I know I’m working on SHIVER right now, but I’m going to take up where I left off on this book as well.

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