Monday, June 18, 2007

I Have a Desk Again!

I have a desk again! Yippie! And a chair too. It seems like ages since I’ve had a desk to sit down at. Forget the fire, my desk didn’t survive the flood. I’ve been without a desk for much much longer than we’d been homeless.

I am sitting at the desk right now. It feels so good. I can write without my back hurting again. It is so good to not have to sit on the floor to do my writing anymore. I had forgotten how good it feels to write and not have my back hurt when I get done. I had almost forgotten how good it was to have furniture.

It’s a nice desk. One of those white and black artists` drafting desks, with the tilting adjustable top. Can you believe it? Someone actually threw this thing out! Well, I’m so glad they did, cause otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting at it writing right now. Granted the shelves are missing and the white vinyl top has been peeled off, and it’s top’s been spray painted so to make it white again, but still, it’s a good sturdy desk and it’s useable no matter what it looks like. I’m glad we found it before the trash men came to pick up the rubbish.

The chair isn’t as good. The back is missing, so you have to use it like a stool, and the legs are all loose and wiggly, but it’s still usable, and it matches the desk. It’ll do for now.

Now I’ve got 2 yellow leather side chairs, one orange recliner chair, and orange 3-legged coffee table, a white desk, and a black desk chair. Not much, but it’s a start at having some furniture again. And I found every single one of them by sifting through dumpsters and trash bins. I can’t believe people are so wasteful an actually throw these things out! I’m hoping to find a mattress of some sort, like maybe a couple of sofa cushions or some such thing, that I could sleep on, cause the floors are so hard to sleep on. Sleeping on the ground, when living in the tarp-tent-thing that I used to live in, was much softer, and much more comfortable. The dirt kind of shifts around to fit your body, but the floor of the apartment is just so hard and stiff and uncomfortable to sleep on. I liked sleeping under the tarp better, cause the ground is more comfortable than this floor is. I kind of miss being outdoors, having walls around you is almost like being in a cage. I’ve tried sleeping in the recliner a couple of times, but I just can’t sleep sitting up. (The recliner don’t work, it just kind of rocks a little instead.)

I’m so glad to have this desk though. It’ll make my writing so much easier now. I’ll be able to write each and every day again, and write longer too. Trying to write on the floor is just murder on my back, which is why I’ve had such a hard time hitting my writing goal. It’s hard to write when you back starts hurting soon after you start writing. Since the flood/fire, nothing in our lives has been the same, including my writing. I used to write every single day, never missing a day, now I’m lucky if I get to write even one day a week. This desk is so going to change that. I’ll be able to write without my back hurting, so I’ll be able to write longer and more often.

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