Saturday, May 19, 2007

You have said that The Twighlight Manor Library is real. If The Twighlight Manor is a fictional place, how can The Twighlight Manor Library exist?

Ever since I first designed the Manor it has been my dream to see it built. A project of such magnitude would cost billions. As such, until I’m a rich as Scrooge McDuck, the Manor remains plans on paper. However, my favorit room in the Manor, is of course it’s giant library. When I was ten years old, I decided, that if I can’t build the entire Manor, I’ll build it’s library instead. It is my goal to recreate in it’s entierty, The Twighlight Manor Library. While the giant round room, full of mind boggleing spiraling stairs, is itself a dream that may never become reality, the collection does exist. I set out to collect a copy of every antique book I could find, as a teenager I became known as the best customer at every booksale at every library in Southern Maine…today those library’s look for me to be the first at every sale, every year, they even provide boxes, knowing that I won’t be leaveing their sale with until there is absolutly no space left in our car…trunk, seats and floor, packed full, with hundreds of books. I can be found at yard sales and picking garbage during clean-up weeks, no book in the trash goes unrescued.

One problem, was posed by trying to recreat Dr. Vangoneese’s part of the collection—medical books. That problem was quickly solved by visiting local hospitals, doctors offices, and the medical college…the old books and texts are useless once the new editions come out, and so are discarded. And thus the medical section of the Library grew.

I don’t know how many books exist in my collection, last time I’d counted I’d given up after 5,000, that was a few years ago. I’m guessing it’s closer to 7,000 today. I’m now in the process of cataloging the collection. A daunting task, requireing me to learn the Dewy Decimal System.

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