Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why can’t I visit The Manor’s Library?

The Twighlight Manor Library collection, is a private collection. The books are not loaned out to the public. I am very protective of my books, no one handles them without the strictest of permission. The misshandleing, damage, and defacment of books is looked on as a grave sin. In my experiance with the many public libraries in this area, the average person is not capable of taken care of a book, that is not their own. Library books are routinly returned written on, soiled, pages torn, pages missing, pictures cut out, covere removed, and otherwise baddly damaged. In view of the fact that most book in public circulation must be replaced or discarded after a few short years, I have chosen not to allow this collection to have public access. It is possible that in the future I may change this, but for now it remains a private library with no public access.

No book ever leaves to collection, once it is here, it is here for life, we never sell, discard, or give away any of the books in our collection. So if you ever run across a book marked as part of The Twighlight Manor Library collection, that book is either lost or stolen, and greatly missed. Many of the books are stamped Twighlight Manor Library, and ALL of them are hand signed by me with both my name and the Twighlight Manor Library “signature”. Any books found marked as such should be returned as soon as posible.

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