Saturday, May 19, 2007

What is The Twighlight Manor Library?

The Twighlight Manor is a vast mansion, in it’s glory it had over 500 rooms, all funished with artifacts from Sir Roderic’s travels around the world. Al~Keem later added his own extensive collection of Egyptian artifacts. Etiole and finally EelKat would continue to add to the Manor. The Library, sits at the heart of the Manor on the second floor, and is a vast round room 3 stories tall, lined with twisting stairwys and thousands upon thousands of books. The original collection belonged to Roderic’s first wife Melneeva. Al~Keem’s collection of anceint scrolls, papyre, and old documents, was later added, along with Dr. Vangonees’ large collection. As large as The Manor’s collection had become, it was to nearly double in size when Micha moved into the house. Micha was the youngest son of the planet’s current Emporor Swanzen, and an avid book collector. The Manor’s collection was passed on to him. Micha now resides in the room along side the Library, and continues to add to the collection.

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