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What Is The Twighlighlight Manor?

What Is The Twighlighlight Manor?

Where is The Twighlight Manor?

Can I visit The Twighlight Manor?

The Twighlight Manor is a house that I designed but never built, so no you can’t visit it. The Manor is a stone castle-like fortress, 4 stories tall, with a triple level basement, and dungeon below them. The dungeon itself, is built into a series of catacombs and caves, which exit in the side of Crystal Gorge.However, since it is in a series of books, therefor it must be somewhere, so, where is it? According to the story, it was built in the late 1300’s in a dense forest off the coast of North America. One of the characters after not seeing the Manor in nearly 200 years, set out to find it in the 20th century, armed only with the knowlege that it was hidden in a forest along the coast. Finding the Manor proved less than easy, as in the 200 years that had past, cities had built up and the forest was no more.

So where had the forest in the book, once been? Once upon a time there was a vast forest, thousands of acres of ancient White Pine trees in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA. In the late 1800’s it was named The Ross Forest, after the man who set out a petition to make this unique wonder a national park. What was so unique about The Ross Forest? No where else in the world was there a forest of ancient pine trees growing along a pristine white sands beach. As a small child in the 1970’s I grew up exploring the last 500 or so acres of the Ross Forest. Today in 2005, I drive down the miles of houses, golf courses, and conduminiums that line the Ross Rd and cry, because The Ross Forest is no more. My children will never know the joys of living in the forest on the beach, and in tribute to that trajid lose of a natural wonder, I re-created The Ross Forest I remember from my childhood, in my books, renaming it the Twighlight Forest, and The Twighlight Manor is set in the middle of it.

Written Friday, November 4, 2005

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