Monday, May 14, 2007

Sheilds or no?

Have you ever watched Star Trek and heard Kirk tell Sulu to raise the deflector shields? I was reading a sci-fi writers forum today, and found a debat on wither or not a writer should use shields on their ships, and if so what are those shields like, how to they work, etc.? Of course I had to join in the debate. You know me. Well anyways, what follows here, is the answer I had to the debate:

In my stories the ships (most notably the VISION~D8) are built out of a "space age material" as us humans would call it. It is a silver colored metal-like substance. The ships are very smooth, with such a high polish that they have a slippery, almost wet feel to them.

The material is very strong, and very sturdy, and withstands the tiny particals that would rip other hulls apart.

Additionally, there is the shape of the ship, which is somewhat "football" shaped; the shape itself deflects things away from it; should anything actualy hit the ship, the material is so slippery, that the object has no impact

the silver colored matrial is so smooth, that is reflects it surroundings, rendering the ship itself "invisible", camoflauging with its surroundings, making it able to slip past enemies unseen

I have never written any shields into the stories, it never occored to me that the ships may even need them.

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