Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quick One Minute Review: Pirates Of The Caribbean 3

Just back from watching Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 with my three brothers. Super cool.

Johnny Depp is great, as is Johnny Depp, and so is Johnny Depp, and ohhh look there's Johnny Depp over here and another over there.... how many Johnny Depps can you count? LOL! Funny!

Best scene:
The Black Pearl cruising full speed and full sail across the desert sand dunes. Amazing!

Most amazing special effects:
The decent into the maelstrom! Awesome action packed scene!

Should win an award for:
Best movie wedding in history!

Crazed fan girls beware: DEATH ALERT; one of your fave pirates doesn’t make it to the end of the movie!

Best quote:
“Nobody move! I dropped my brain!” ~ Jack Sparrow or was that Jack Sparrow... oh wait, no, it was Jack Sparrow.

Insider advice to those who have yet to see it:
Stay until the VERY END… stay in your seat, and watch the words go by. AFTER the words go by, watch for a surprise “second” ending.
If you already watched it, and you didn’t stay to see what happens after the words go by… than you missed a very important part of the movie: YOU MUST GO BACK AND WATCH THE MOVIE AGAIN!

Ultimate question:
This movie didn’t actually “end”; like the ending of POTC 2, it ends with what appears to be the beginning of a POTC 4. Well there be a POTC 4? Has anyone heard?

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