Saturday, May 19, 2007

much better than 2 years ago!

Two years ago my spelling boardered on illegable at best. I didn’t realize my spelling was as bad as it was, until I started spell checking everything I wrote on MSWorks. I knew my spelling was bad, but what I didn’t know was that not only was I spelling words wrong, I was often spelling words backwards. Spelling has been a major problem for me, throughout my life, as has math.

I knew I was writing (and saying) numbers in reverse... I knew this because everyone was always pointing it out to me... like the answer to a math problem would be 123 and I'd write 321 instead, or if you asked the time I'd say 1:15, than someone would say, "no it's 1:45"... but I had no idea that I was writing my words in reverse as well. People b*tched at me all the time that my spelling was "inferior", "juvinel", "like a retard wrote it", I heard these things every time some one tried to read my handwriting, but not once did anyone ever point out that my words were more often, not spelt wrong, but rather spelt backwards! Not one single person ever told me this in my entire life!

I was 27 years old when I realized this fact on my own, while spell checking my work via MSWorks. Since than my writing has become slow and calculated, my pace is at a near standstill, in order that I spell front to back… it has taken me 2 years to do it, but now I usually spell words forward instead of backwards, and I’m amazed to discover that it was not my spelling that was wrong, as I rarely spell words incorrectly now.

My question is, does this mean I’m dislexic, and if so, why did no one ever point this out to me?

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