Monday, May 14, 2007

Internet today: What for tommorrow?

I've been writing sci-fi since 1978; in my early stories (1978-1982 era) was a man with an intelect beyound anything imaginable, he found talking with others (esp humans) boring, and so created a machine, about the size of a lage book (12x14"), that when opened had a screen on the top and a typepad/keyboard on the bottom. Into this machine he type everything... and I do mean everything, his mind was like an encyclopidia; he than choice a few others whom he deemed worthy of communicating with, and gave each of them identical machines.

The man and his friends could communicate useing thse machines, the screen acting like a slpit screen tv, on one side showing the person talking and on the other the files stored in the machine that the person was veiewing at the time. The machines had an earpiece so that you could hear each other, without being heard by those around you. Likewise you could type your words to each other.

I remember at the time I had written this, that people told me these machines were far fetched and totally unbelieveable, and yet today, only 30 years later, we have those very machines: we call them laptops and the internet and email.

I don't know the tech behind it, but the man and his friends can use their machines while on other planets... I don't bother to explain how they do it, they just do. It works a lot like interplanitary internet, I guess that's what it must be.

All I can say to you is... think head, write what you think the future would hold, and 30 years from now you may be shocked to see people really useing it.

That man by the way, was Etiole's son Phozeen.

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