Friday, May 18, 2007

Character Killing Basics or Why did I kill him?

during IceStorm ‘98 when we were snowbound and I had nothing to do, cause our electricity went out, I staied up all night long writing a short story (by flashlight) about a character I use alot in my other stories. It started out as me being bored and just writing ramdom events for their lives… about 20 or so pages later I was totally enthrolled with this story and it had taken on a life all it’s own, I think I was half asleep, kind of sleep-writing, you know like sleep walking? So I wasn’t really paying attention to what I wrote.

In the morning we had to chop our car out of the ice, and get fallen tree linms off our roof, and stuff like that… fighting with the storm and all. It was a few days before I went back and read my story I’d written the night of the storm.

In what I wrote, I had killed off not one, but two of my fave characters!... I did a quick rewite to keep one of them alive, but to this day I could never find a way to re-write it so the other one could stay alive… so I changed the ending, so that his family had his body frozen in hopes that a way to “raise him from the dead” could be found. (it’s a sci-fi series, so maybe I’ll end up with such a story in the future)

has anyone else ever done anything like this? (Kill off a character you hadn’t intended to kill?)

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