Friday, May 18, 2007

Anyone got any ghostly advice?

well, I came on here today, because I am working on my novel… the one for this chalenge this time! it’s a ghost story, about a haunted house with several assorted ghosts living in it.

the “prime ghost” is the ghost of a black cat

the secondary ghost is a spirit possessed tree in the front yard

other ghosts include a hell hound, a bride, and a group of “little people” (not yet sure what to call these guys, they are somewhat like drawves or gnomes or leprechuans)

basicly I’m looking for any ideas, anyone might have, that they think would be useful in writing a ghost story; I’m looking for ghost cliches, urban ghost stories, how ghosts came to be, why do they haunt the places they haunt, how did they become ghosts, how can they escape from being a ghost, why might they haunt one person and not another, why are some ghosts goos while others are bad, how do ghosts kill people and why, and just about any ghostly idea you can come up with.

thanks for your help.

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