Saturday, May 19, 2007

About Me or Who is EelKat REALLY?

Captain John Smith, sent 2 of his ship mates, Rogers and Goggins, ashore to the newly discovered Mainland. This land was given to them in 1657, by the King of England, at that time it was at total of about 3,000 acres of rose bushes, dense pine forest, wilf grapes, and wild apple orchards. As the years went by the Rogers and Googins families divided the land among their children, who in turn divided it among their children, and so on and so on, for the next 200 years. In the late 1800’s the original 3,000 acres had been divided among descendants of the Rogers and Googins families so many times, that this tiny spot of land was now populated enough to become a township. In 1898 a mile long Pier was built out from the land across the ocean, and the land was named The Town of the Old Orchard.

In the years since, raging hurricanes ripped off the end of the Pier, leaving behind, only the small section of it which still stands today. And 2 massive fires wiped out nearly all of the very old buildings, including the original Palace Playland, a one time Victorian Amusment Park, that today is only a few rides off the side of the Town Square. As time passed the town grew ever larger as non-family members moved into the new town, including the Rickers of Poland Spring, and the Allens of Portland. As more out-siders moved in, the farmers of the Rogers and Googins families, grew more and more frustrated with the city folks and tourists that they felt were ruining the name of Old Orchard, and the farmers packed their things and left. Today, only one plot of land still remains in the original Rogers family, the descendants of the very first white man to live in Old Orchard…Thomas Rogers, the sailor from Capt. John Smith’s ship…and that family is my family. Three of the giant ancient pines that stood here in the 1600’s are still standing in our yard today, and along side one of those pines, grows a very ancient 13′ tall white rose bush, that once belonged to my great-grandmother and is known to be at least 100 years old, possibly several hundred years old.

My name is Wendy Christine Allen, I was born in Biddeford, Maine on August 13, 1975. I was raised on a poultry farm in Old Orchard right along side it’s famous Old Orchard Beach. Today the family farm is run as a sanctuary for chickens, sort of a safe house~retirement home for old hens and roosters, that would otherwise have been slaughtered. Everything from cats and dogs, to fish and eels, to cowatii and woodpeckers, to horses and turtles have found refuge here. I am known by many as the local protector of animals.

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