Monday, February 26, 2007

Paid to Blog???

I have a question… I keep hearing about how people are getting paid to write in their blogs… or how people are makeing money just writing blogs…

well, I’d like to do that too, if it’s true that you can do that, I mean I’m writing something every day as it is, I might as well get paid to do it right?

so, my question is, has anyone done this? are there any good places you could recommend that actually work… meaning they aren’t just scams, that have you write something and than never pay you… is this whole geting paid to blog a real thing that you really can get money to do, or is it just another scam? Anyone know?

I’m new to the blogging world though… I’ve been online since 1997, and only just FINALLY started blogging! LOL! I’ve got 4 on Blogger, 3 on MySpace, one that I lost the link to and can’t remember the name of the host, and one one WordPress… so that’s 9 right now, but no dought there well be more…

I try to keep each on on it’s own topic

As soon as I started though, everyone starts asking me “How much are you getting paid to blog?” and I’m like wth? They don’t blog, but they said they heard people get paid lots to do it, and well, that was news to me, so I figured, well, if I can get paid to do it, than why am I doing it for free right? so, now I’m researching the whole idea of getting paid to blogg… but as far as I can tell so far, it’s just alot of hype… I’ve found a ton of places that “pay to blog”, but than when you read the fine print, they only pay likr .002c per thousand people who read your post!!!!!! wow! that’s less than half a cent for every thousand uniquie page hits! highway robbery that’s what it is!

than I found these otherplaces, that you have to pay like $25 a month, to join, and than they pay you to write articles for THIER blog, and than they only pay you if that post gets enough hits… YIKES! what a scam!

I searched on Google and found a couple of sites that say they pay $4-$25 per post, if you sing your blog up with them, and write reviews for other web sites and products… but they also say that your blog has to be well established and get regular visitors before they well aprove it… I just signed up (cause they said it was free, so I figure what the heck), but my blog has only been around a short while, and I think it’s only had like a hundred visitors since it started,, so I don’t know if they well approve it or not… I’ll just wait and see what happens next.

…but, my search continues, I’ve found a few folks who are getting paid to blog, not getting rich by any means, but they are getting an income comming in here and there, and that gives me hope, so, I am studying them and their blogs to find out how they are doing it and how I can do the same thing they are doing, only do it better . If I find out anything that really truly works I’ll post it here and let you guys all know so’s you can do it too.


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