Monday, February 26, 2007

Importance of Attitude (for writers)

How to you feel about writing? Are you writing because you enjoy doing so? Are you writing because your teacher/boss says that you must? Do you want to spend your days writing or do you do you wish someone else could do it for you? Wither you know it or not, how you feel about writing affects how well you write. No matter how much you try to hide it, your attitude show on paper, and your readers will feel it. If you think of writing as a tiresome task, a nuisance, and an agonizing chore: your readers well know it. Think of you paper as a mirror, it shows your readers how you felt at the time you write it. You would be amazed at a readers ability to “see” how you felt while you where writing the piece that they are now reader.

We can take this one step farther. The way you feel directly affects the way you write. Look at your handwriting. You can see from looking at your daily handwriting that your mood affects you writing. If you are angry, you handwriting becomes jagged and heavy, yet when you are happy it is light and loopy. If your mood affects the physical appearance of your words, how much more does it affect the words themselves? When you are angry, your words on paper will sound bold, even spiteful. Your reader will be able to feel the tension rolling off the pages as they read. Likewise, if you are happy your readers will feel the warmth and love coming off the pages.

And how about your subject? How do you feel about that? What is your attitude towards the person/thing you are writing about? Do you admire your topic of choice? Do you loath it? Are you writing about it because you want to or because you have to? Your readers well know that you have a passion for your topic, because you well through your whole heart and soul into it. They well also be able to tell if you did a half ass job because you couldn’t care less about the subject.

How you write is how your readers well see you. Before you begin writing, take some time to really think about this fact. How can you make boring writing tasks more interesting, so that you do not bore your readers, as much as you are bored yourself? Contemplate why it is you are writing. The attitude you have when you come into any new writing project is the same attitude that your readers well take away with them when they have finished reader the piece. That same attitude you had written, is the attitude in which they well in turn look back on you. How do you want your readers to see you?

Remember too, that the way you speak, is as important as what you say. Think about the tone of your writing. What words do you use often? Cold, indifferent, unfriendly, cynical, critical, or antagonistic tones will put your reader on the defensive and encourage a negative response from them. You want your writing to be warm and inviting for your reader. You as the writer should be seen as the readers friend. You have a story to tell, and you want to tell it to your readers. You want your readers to want to hear the story. If your words are those of a friend, than your readers well give you their full attention, they well hang on your every word. To be seen as a friend of the reader, someone they can trust, that is the attitude you want to convey, that is the message you want to send.

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